Capoeira Fighter 3 Is The Best Game Ever From Capoeira Fighter



Starter Characters Credits Cost Fighting Style Country
Mestre Rochedo 0 Capoeira Brazil
Coelha 0 Capoeira Brazil
Saturno 0 Capoeira Brazil
Buldogue 0 Capoeira Brazil
Cobra 0 Capoeira/Gymnastics Brazil
Furacão 0 Capoeira U.S.A
Maionese 0 Capoeira U.S.A
Perereca 0 Feral Capoeira Unknown
Jamaika 0 Capoeira Brazil
Ramba 0 Capoeira Brazil
Mestre Loka 0 Capoeira Brazil
Santo 0 Capoeira U.S.A
Maestro 0 Capoeira Brazil
Mestre Zumbi 0 Capoeira Brazil
Lei Long 100 Jeet Kune Do China
Chompoo 200 Thai Kickboxing Thailand
Gator 300 Gracie Jujitsu U.S.A
Kuan Yin Shen 400 Luohan Quan China
Aleron 500 Boxing England
Helicopter 750 Capoeira/Break Dancing Germany
Panda 1000 Tae Kwon Do South Korea
Jimmy Zappa 2000 Karate Canada
Angus 3000 Boxing Ireland
Saryn 4000 Reija Planet Altarris
Pantera 5000 Capoeira/Kombato Brazil
Angoleiro 6000 Capoeira Angola Angola
Macaco 7000 Primal/Monkey Kung Fu Brazil
Arubim 8000 Reija Planet Altarris
Zumbi Azul 9000 Capoeira Brazil

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